Do you also have climate problems?

Do you have it cold at your workplace?

Why choose infrared heaters

Heats & Illuminates customized to your personal needs!

With our products we focus on an energy-saving and effective improvement of the comfort in and around our personal environments. HeatFun’s infra-red heatings are being developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and come from our own manufactories. Our HeatFun products dispose of extraordinary specifications. The idea is to heat locally and aimed, customized to personal needs. With HeatFun you don’t need to heat an entire office or store just because one employee feels cold.

HeatFun uniquely combines infra-red heating, LED Lighting & Acoustic

As a developer and producer we are known as a solution focused thinker. We use a practical approach for climate problems at several work places. Dutch Quality and the courage to think out of the box, are factors which make HeatFun products different, but very effective.

Some time ago we thought to ourselves: Why don’t we combine several comfort needs regarding working places in one product? That is how HeatFun Comfortpanel has its origin as a product group; a sustainable combination of infra-red heating, LED lighting and acoustic characteristics.

Would you like to know more about our Infra-red heating solutions with LED lighting? Please feel free to contact us!

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