Would you like to offer your principals a heater which not only heats, but also has good visual aspects? In that case we would like to think along with you. Our infra-red heaters heat in a targeted way and furthermore give the room an inspiring ambience and unique design. We can produce the heaters in every size and there are endless possibilities regarding surprising designs. You can choose to cover the heater with a logo or text across the full width. The design heater is suitable for large as well as small rooms, halls and work places of every size.

An “invisible tailor-made infra-red heating”

As an architect you can use your tailor-made and invisible infra-red heating for photo walls and XL panels with the new tailor-made solutions. You can choose to combine these infra-red panels with LED-lighting. This makes the panels even more effective in every room.

Targeted cooperation

Since architects can motivate companies to heat in a sustainable way, we like to work together with architects. Since HeatFun is being produced in-house by the Pillen Group, we can think along with you during the design phase in order to fulfil your desires. In this way there exists a targeted cooperation which leads to surprising and energy saving solutions.

Specification texts

Do you need assistance in the making of specification texts? We are happy to help you.

Challenge of an architect

The improvement of warmth- and light provision can be a challenging issue during the reorganisation of an office or industrial work place. Do you only have a limited budget and is the heating system strongly obsolete? In that case our HeatFun infra-red heating can be your solution to create and optimize the warmth and light in all areas. Besides our standard portfolio our specials and free shapes offer endless options; it is possible to choose almost every shape and size for ceiling as well as wall panels. Do you want to vary in colour, amount infra-red elements or the degree of lighting? We can deliver everything tailor-made.

Advantages of design heating

  • Create a unique experience
  • Every picture or size is possible with the tailor-made modular heating walls of HeatFun.
  • Energy saving solutions

Learn more?

Are you interested in the endless possibilities of infra-red heating and the far-reaching services which HeatFun can offer you? Please feel free to contact our sales department. During a personal meeting we can tell you everything about our possibilities regarding our infra-red panels.