Discussions about too cold or too warm at your workplace

While you feel cold but and would like to put on a sweater, your colleague sweats because of the warmth. Recognizable? In almost every office is the temperature an important topic of discussion. It is not without a reason that this is stated high in the lists of satisfaction surveys. How pleasant would it be to respond to your own warmth desire?

Heat smart with HeatFun

With HeatFun it is possible to heat in an individual and targeted way. This way you and your colleague will both get your own desired temperature. The infrared panels are easy to control with the optional wireless control systems. You can choose for hanged infrared panels but you can also place it beneath a desk or counter. Would you like to, besides heating your workplace in a targeted way, also enlighten it? Choose for hanged infrared panels with LED lighting. This way you create a workplace which is comfortable and besides enlightened almost shadow-free.

Too cold at the office or workplace?

If the temperature at the office is too cold, you can ask your employer to take action. With infrared heating of HeatFun you and your employer can solve this problem easily.

Advantages for you as an employee

  • You can adjust your own heating and lighting
  • It ends the discussion with colleagues regarding too cold or too warm
  • Better concentration and productivity with help of an ideal work environment

Learn more?

Would you like to know how infrared heating works in order to convince your employer about the functionality? Please feel free to call our sales department. During a personal meeting we can tell you everything about the possibilities regarding our infrared panels.