Avoid cold at the work place

Is a work place too cold? Does it draught at the work place? Than your employees can possibly function less good and the risk of absenteeism is larger.

Proper work climate

Would you like to ensure a comfortable and cosy workplace for your employees? To make sure that they are not affected by cold or draught? Choose for additional heating by means of infra-red panels. With HeatFun’s infra-red panels your employees can make use of additional heating adapted to their own desires. You can choose for wall or ceiling panels. These last ones have an additional characteristic: they interrupt the air stream. This prevents draught and stimulates the prevention of a stiff neck.

Obligation Working Conditions Act

The decision regarding working conditions (article 6.1) determines that the temperature at a work place should not be disadvantageous for the health of an employee. Although there are not mentioned any specific temperatures, it is determined that employers should do everything to avoid health problems.

A different wind chill because of for instance draught?

Not only the air temperature determines coldness. The air circulation also plays a big role and affects the well-being of people. People experience air circulation (draught) because windows are opened towards each other. The airco can cause draught as well. Because of air circulation the body is cools down faster. Some people are more affected by this than others. Here you can read more about how infra-red heating works.

Return on Investment

Do you think that using additional heating with infra-red panels is expensive? This is not the case. You can earn money with the investment in an individual solution in terms of labour productivity and energy saving. With the use of targeted and healthy infra-red heating at the work place, it is no problem to adjust the thermostat to a lower level.

Unique combination of heating and lighting

The HeatFun products are very suitable for offices, industrial environments, shops and practices. Besides solely infra-red heating you can also choose to combine warmth and light. This way you create a comfortable work place which is also almost shadow-free enlightened.

Some advantages for you as an employer

  • Satisfied employees
  • Sustainable investment in energy saving additional heating
  • Cut your energy costs

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