Climate problems

Do you struggle with climate problems? A good climate at the workplace is necessary in order to work better. Not only temperature (warmth and cold), but also for example the humidity and air speed (draught).

Infra-red heating 

Infra-red heating from HeatFun is suitable for everyone who wants to make use of additional heat in a targeted, sustainable and healthy way on specific workplaces. The infra-red heaters from HeatFun ensure a warmer work environment. This personal heater is easy to use. The temperature is adjustable which improves the workplace environment. The energy saving heater heats specific places to a pleasant temperature which leads to a better ambient climate.

Advantages of infra-red heating

There are several advantages of infra-red heating. What do you think of a the creation of a workplace which is really adapted to the warmth desire of the individual and the saving of energy you can realise?  Or the positive effects the infra-red radiation has on our health? The infra-red radiation is experienced as very pleasant. You can compare it to the warmth of the sun. In short, besides energy saving, the infra-red heating is healthy and anti-allergic. Here you can read more about the advantages of our heaters.

How infra-red heating works

Infra-red light is not visible by the human eye. The radiation of our infra-red panels heats all objects in a room like the sun would do this. If the infra-red radiations hit a surface, they yield warmth to this surface. In this way there is created a pleasant warmth. Read more about how infra-red heating works.

Completely safe

An infra-red panel that works on full force, has a lukewarm surface. This is such that a child, adult or animal cannot burn themselves.

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