The nice thing about HeatFun is that it does more than just local and very focused heating. It also provides a very pleasant and constant warmth. Because the infrared panels do not heat the air, but rather objects and persons like the sun that does, those objects will also radiate the heat while traveling for example. The objects and persons are warmer than the space itself by direct radiation. Condensing on the walls will not be a chance. The release of wallpaper and the formation of mold is thereby prevented. The heating of objects and persons instead of air is also a major advantage in the regular opening of a door. This does not immediately result in a sharp drop in temperature. There is no hot air that pulls away and that’s a big advantage.

Another advantage of no air displacement is that dust and house mites are not able to be taken by air and float through the house. For people with airway infections, for example, this is a big advantage. It is also known that infrared rays have a positive effect on people with muscular and joint pain. All this contributes to a healthier living environment.

In addition, HeatFun is also decorative and fun for acoustics in a space. The textile covers are printed with any uni-color and it is also possible to print it to your liking to fit your interior. As a result, the panel is no longer recognizable as a heating element, but can be seen as a heated wall decoration.