In many offices, the temperature is centrally regulated. That, while not everyone likes the same temperature to work in. Thus, there is a need for individual customized heating so that everyone can enjoy working in a personal adapted climate.

One of the reasons that it is so difficult to control the temperature via a central heating is because you have an office with north and south sides. That means that one side of the building will always be warmer than the other side. So on the south side, people may not want the heating, while the people on the north side experience cold. Very annoying. The same applies to window sides and tough places. These cold places in the offices can be heated locally with HeatFun.

At many offices, it is also a pleasant experience to open the door. It gives an open atmosphere and makes it easy for colleagues to walk in. In addition, it does not give the “confined feeling”. A lot of reason, therefore, to keep the door open, but the disadvantage is of course that it can go for a ride. With a central heating it is difficult to resist this cold as it warms the air and draws it away. HeatFun warms objects and people, and so does not heat the heat. An ideal way to fight a trip.