During the reorganization of the offices the improvement of warmth- and light facilities can be a challenging issue. HeatFun’s products to a comfortable work environment with a responsible energy consumption and controllable costs.

Limited budget

Are you looking for a solution to optimize the warmth- and light facilities in strongly obsoleted buildings? Infra-red heating is the heater of the future. It allows you to heat targeted, healthy and energy saving. Also with a limited budget we can help you with targeted and surprising solutions.


Based on project desires we present the best solutions. For example like a heating wall which heats across the full width in a targeted, healthy and energy saving way. Or we use our specials and free forms. These hanged infra-red panels do not only heat. They enlighten the workplace and absorb sounds. We can produce almost every form and size for as well ceiling panels as wall panels.

Design heating with LED lighting

HeatFun’s products can be finished according to your taste. The luxurious textile covers which cover the HeatFun products, are printable with house-style elements like a logo and the companies’ colours. Or you choose for an image or print which gives the room more perception and style.