Some people sweat, others are chattering their teeth. The temperature or the lack of fresh air is a constant source of complaints at the workplace.

Women and men differ

The temperature at workplaces is a big sources of annoyance. This is among other things the result of big researches about annoyance at work. The cause of the eternal discussion about “warmer or colder” is findable in the big differences between humans and which temperature they find pleasant during work. According to the researcher women are feeling cold faster. This is something everyone already knew, but the research has now proven it. The reason for this is that women have another hormone cycle and body composition. This is why the hands of women are in general 2,5 degrees colder than the hands of men. Here you can read more about it.

To take into account personal desires

A solutions to meet personal desires is the additional heating of the workplace with infra-red heating. With HeatFun’s infra-red heating every employee can respond to their own warmth desire. We have wall panels and ceiling panels. All infra-red panels are fast and easy to move.

Return on investment

The employer can earn money with the investment in an individual solution in terms of labour productivity and energy saving. With the use of targeted and healthy infra-red heating at the workplace, it is no problem to adjust the thermostat to a lower level.

Learn more?

Would you like to end the eternal discussion about too warm or cold workplaces. Please call our sales department. During a personal meeting we can tell you everything about our infra-red heating and the possibilities to heat in a healthy and energy saving way.