Do you work at a workplace which is customized to your desires regarding warmth and light? Than you probably don’t have any problems with working at this place the entire day. With HeatFun’s infra-red heating you create a comfortable work place like this. You can heat in a targeted way with free standing or hanged elements. This way every workplace has its own desired temperature. Our products are not only suitable for offices, workplaces at home, office gardens and industrial work environments. Our HeatFun products can be placed as a heater at counters and shops as well.

Heating in an energy saving and efficient way

The HeatFun infra-red heating heats targeted which makes it more energy efficient. That’s why you can easily turn your thermostat on a lower level. It is possible! With HeatFun you can save energy and contribute to a lower C02 emission. Of course, with a lower gas usage you can save on your energy bill!

Individual design

All HeatFun’s products can be finished according to your own taste. The luxurious textile covers which cover the HeatFun products, can be provided with house-style elements like a logo or company colors. Or with an image with recalls perception of emotion.

Combine warmth and light

Would you like to have a comfortable, warm workplace and besides have it properly enlightened it as well? Choose for HeatFun’s comfort panels. The unique combination of energy saving LED-lighting and infra-red technology is perfect. There are endless possibilities. There are for instance solo and duo models – for individual and – switched workplaces. Would you like more variation? This is possible with our special and free shapes. No more cold feet or fingers at your workplace? There are endless possibilities with HeatFun.