Avoid cold feet

Do you regularly have cold feet at your workplace? The infra-red heating panels from HeatFun make sure that cold feet and legs belong to the past. The infra-red workplace heating is easy to place beneath your desk, so that your colleagues will not be disturbed by it. The work place heaters are also easy for flex workers, because the heaters are movable. The heaters are easy to move and already work by simply plugging them into the power supply. So avoid cold feet with the workplace heating from HeatFun.

Efficient use

HeatFun’s energy efficient systems has a lower energy consumption. That is why it perfectly fits in a green environment to which a lot of companies attach high value. By effectively avoiding cold feet there is no need to heat unnecessary spaces. So with the infra-red workplace heating you save energy costs. The HeatFun personal heating systems have a long service life which makes them so sustainable.

Advantages of infra-red heating

  • Movable: easy to move in order to use at several places.
  • Energy saving: effective heating without any loose of energy.
  • Long service life: the personal heating is very sustainable.
  • Easy to use: simply plug in into the power supply.

Avoiding cold feet can be done very efficient and easy by infra-red heating. You can set this personal workplace heating from HeatFun to the desired temperature. The heating is very movable which makes you able to use it at several places. Put the personal heating beneath your desk, plug it into the power supply and your cold feet belong to the past.

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