Our industrial solutions

Industrial and industrial halls are difficult to heat due to their surface and height. However, it is often not necessary to heat the entire room in a large business hall. This requires a lot of heating system capacity because they need to heat a lot of unused air volume. In addition, it brings high service costs annually. That, while in most cases, an industrial infrared heating that is being heated is better in place. Our HeatFun products immediately heat the environment where there is a need, such as a workbench or desk. Also for assembly lines and warehouse counters, our HeatFun products are a result.

All systems are Plug & Play! This supports installation and maintenance. The ceiling systems are fitted with a simple adaptive suspension system. This provides flexibility to adjust the system in height and position and when changing production lines our HeatFun products are easy to move. In addition, the HeatFun panels are highly functional and maintenance-friendly. For example, the panels can be used in any space and easy to keep clean.

Why choose HeatFun in industrial environment

  • HeatFun is an energy-efficient heating system for business halls;
  • The Plug & Play system makes the panels easy to move;
  • HeatFun only warms where work is being done;
  • Infrared heating provides heat transfer without the need for air movement;
  • The HeatFun textile cover is maintenance-friendly and therefore suitable in every room .;
  • HeatFun always offers a customized solution.