A place that is difficult to heat is the bathroom. It is usually a small space, where we are only a short time and therefore it is sometimes hard to heat the entire room. But it’s nice when it’s comfortable, especially after a shower or bath. HeatFun offers the solution. Our infrared heating panels are plug & play and so applicable everywhere. Namely, our panels do not require any water pipes but just an outlet. The space is directed and therefore also quickly heated. Ideal for a room like the bathroom. As soon as you leave the room, the heating can immediately expire, causing no energy to be wasted. Finally, HeatFun also has water repellent covers that allow the infrared panels to fit well in humid areas and be maintenance-friendly.

Badkamer verwarming Heatfun

Mold and moisture spots are common problems in bathrooms. That’s also the past with infrared radiation. Infrared red does not heat the air but objects. The objects absorb this infrared heat and then turn it back to the room. The objects in a space are therefore warmer than the air. The moisture in the air will condense less, which has a positive effect on the mold in your bathroom.