Our shop solutions

The entrance and exit of a store is usually the area where climate problems are. The entry and exit often causes a trip and the pulling of the heat. Tour is therefore a common problem, for example at the cashier. Here, HeatFun has an energy-efficient solution. By heating locally and completely, we make sure that our infrared heating is warm in every location in the building. We heat it where necessary without heating the entire building. In addition, the HeatFun panels are maintenance-friendly considering the covers are water resistant.

Workplace heating is becoming increasingly important to improve the comfort and ergonomics of the employee. The HeatFun products aim to improve energy-efficient and effective comfort in the personal environment. In addition, it is possible to combine our HeatFun products with LED lighting and acoustics to complete it.

Winkelverwarming energiezuinig

Why choose HeatFun in retail environments

  • HeatFun warms where the need arises, thinking of the cash registers where it is often tough;
  • HeatFun offers interchangeable textile covers with your own design, allowing the look to be completely customized to your shop layout;
  • Through the Plug & Play system, the panels can be used anywhere, you only need a wall socket;
  • HeatFun improves the comfort and ergonomics of the employee because infrared heating feels like the heat of the sun;
  • HeatFun always offers a customized solution.