We are of course very enthusiastic about our infrared heating of HeatFun. But not only to experience perception and perception, we have thermally measured our infrared heating products from HeatFun by an independent research firm. This means that the products are actually supported to ensure operation, starting from a comfortable, comfortable and above all ergonomically responsible workplace. The result is given below.

Office environment

Passie voor werkplek verwarming


Medical environment; Physiotherapy Practice

Product: HeatFun Comfortpanel with 2×295 Watts infra-red heating and 2x 35 Watts LED panel
Ambient temperature in the room: 19 degrees Celsius.

Medical Environment: Physical Therapy Practice.

Infraroodverwarming met LED verlichting

Fysiotherapie Praktijk

More pictures of the thermographic measurements?

Here you can find our photo album of the measurement research. Interested in a report with summarized measurement results or our advice? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or call: 0544-398810.

View more pictures of our thermographic measurements?

Ergonomics is becoming increasingly important at the workplace. To not only rely on experience & perception, our infra-red heating products from HeatFun have been measured thermographic by an independent research institute. This means that the products are objectively supported in order to guarantee that it works, with as a principle a cosy, comfortable and ergonomic responsible workplace.

The office enviroment

Product: HeatFun comfort panel with 1×395 Watts infrared heating and 1×35 Watts LED panel.
Ambient temperature in the room: 17 degrees Celsius.