Infrared heating is the future of heating with a view to comfort and durability. The onset of fossil fuels, such as gas, makes electrical energy more and more important. For example, you see the development in the automotive industry with the rise of the electric car. HeatFun also plays a part in this development by producing sustainable electric heaters. We believe comfort and sustainability go together and HeatFun is a good example of that.

Heat like the sun

Every day we experience infrared radiation. For example, of the sun, a fireplace or the heat that radiates from the asphalt. Our biggest infrared heating is the sun. Winter sports fans, for example, do not have cold as long as they are in the sun. It’s hot or cold, not only because of the air temperature in the area, but the heat that is stored and reflected through surfaces and people. HeatFun’s infrared heater works on the same principle.

Operation of infrared heating

Infrared rays heat surfaces, objects and persons. As soon as the infrared rays reach a surface, they heat up on that surface. Most objects absorb this infrared heat and slow down the heat. Warm walls, ceilings and floors, in turn, provide a comfortable warmth without dry air. Why infrared heats so efficiently? There is no energy lost by heating the air.

Infrared warming good for health

It has traditionally been known that infrared rays have a healing effect. They provide better blood flow and relaxation. It is also very suitable for people with respiratory distress, asthma, arteritis or rheumatism. Because the heater does not circulate air, there is less dust formation and that is a great benefit for people with allergies or airway problems. For many reasons, therefore, to switch to this natural source of heat.

Fully safe

An infrared panel that operates at full power has a lukewarm surface. That heat is such that a child, adult or pet can not burn on it. It is safe to use while sufficient heat is still available. Are you interested in infrared heating? Feel free to contact us for any customized custom advice.

Knowing more?

Bent u geïnteresseerd in infraroodverwarming? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op voor vrijblijvend advies op maat.