Why would you choose for infra-red panels as an additional heater? This question has come up very often. One of the most important reasons is that you can use the additional heater in a targeted way, adapted to the individual desires regarding warmth. This is pleasant when more people are working together like for example in an office, shop, industrial work environment or practice. This makes an end to the conflict about the warmth level of the thermostat. Everybody can adjust the warmth level to their own desires. HeatFun is World-wide the only product with an exchangeable textile cover.

Heat and enlightens customized to your desires!

Natural warmth

To heat with infra-red feels like the natural warmth of the sun. Read here more about how infra-red works.

Energy saving and healthy

Besides energy-saving, infra-red heating is healthy and anti-allergic. It is traditionally known that infra-red radiations have healing effects. It ensures a better blood circulation and relaxation. It is also very suitable for people with respiratory problems, arthritis or rheumatism.

Heat safely

HeatFun’s infra-red panels are completely safe. It has been commonly thought that infra-red radiations have to do something with microwaves, UV-radiatons or X-radation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Infra-red radiations are being send out by every object, so the human body. Infra-red is completely safe for human and animal. It even increases your health. Besides this all HeatFun’s heating panels are covered with a textile cover which reduces possible shock effects  when touching the heater.

Heat more attractive with exchangeable prints!

All our infra-red panels are covered with luxurious textile covers. These special designed covers ensure a soft and equal division of infra-red. These textile covers are, besides functional, a real eye-catcher if you provide them with colours, an image or house-style elements like a logo.

Shortly summed up the advantages of HeatFun

• A patent is pending for the HeatFun heating panels.
• Choose your own design: all the heaters are provided with exchangeable textile cover with own photo prints and/or colours!
• No shock effect when touching the heater thanks to the textile cover.
• Textile cover of all the heating panels also have acoustic sound-muffling characteristics!
• Energy saving and effective heating with an energy efficiency of 95%.
• Combine heating with with LED lighting.
• HeatFun also features the ability to build customized heaters!

Learn more?

Are you interested in the far-reaching services which HeatFun can offer you? Please call our sales department. During a personal meeting we sum up all the advantages of HeatFun and set up a tailor-made plan.