Every day we experience infra-red radiation. The warmth we feel in the sunlight, near to the fireplace, an open fire or the warmth of asphalt. This is all infra-red radiation. Heating with infra-red already exists since the existence of the earth. Our biggest infra-red heater is of course the sun. When the sun shines on an ice-cold winter day, it can still make you feel warm. Do you recognize this feeling?

Heating like the sun

To feel warm or cold does not always depend on the surrounding air temperature. An example? Winter sports people do not feel cold as long as they are in the sun. Infra-red heating works according to this principle. The infra-red heater from HeatFun heats, with the help of radiation, all the objects in a certain space, just like the sun would do this. As soon as the infra-red radiations hit a certain surface, it yields the heat to this surface. The most objects absorb these infra-red warmth which they slowly give off afterwards. This is also applicable to humans. Our skin and clothes can absorb light.

Badkamer verwarming Heatfun

How infra-red heating works

So, infra-red radiations do not heat air, but all the near objects. Warm walls, ceiling and floor ensure a comfortable, non-drying warmth. It is similar to sunrays but without the damaging UV rays. Why does infra-red heat such efficient? Because there is no loss of energy by only heating air.  And remember – warm air can slip out through an open door!

Wellness aspect

It is traditionally known that infra-red radiations have a healing function. They ensure a better blood circulation and make you feel relaxed. It is also very suitable for people with respiratory problems, asthma, arthritis or rheumatism.
Switch to the most natural heat source for targeted heating. HeatFun infra-red heating works like the sun.

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