A true eyecatcher

Why do the morning turn on the heating for the whole house if you want to have breakfast just as soon as you have to go out. HeatFun is suitable for many different spaces, as well as in the kitchen. Once everyone’s out, HeatFun can be easily and quickly turned off. This allows you to save heating costs. A new way of heating and another true eyecatcher in the kitchen. HeatFun’s textile cloth can be printed to your liking to give it a personal touch. What about your own wall recipe, a holiday photo or picture of your grandchildren?

Another reason why HeatFun is so suitable for the kitchen is the fact that it does not circulate air like old heating elements, but just warms surfaces. This prevents dust and bacteria from dwarfing through the kitchen. Super hygienic so. Another reason to add one of our HeatFun infrared heating panels to your kitchen is the fact that they can be easily connected by Plug & Play. The panels are provided with a plug. Therefore, only one power outlet is required for connection.