We all know. In our bedrooms it is usually clearly colder than in the other areas of the house. Still, we want to have a nice warmth before we go to bed to watch TV, read a book or just go to sleep immediately. You want to temporarily increase the temperature in the bedroom. Unfortunately, this is difficult because the thermostat of the heating is usually in the living room. With our HeatFun infrared panels, you heat your bedroom where the need exists and when. Within 10 minutes, the panels radiate a comfortable warmth. Our infrared panels provide a comfortable warmth without energy loss. Infrared heat does not heat air, but materials, objects and persons. Dry air and energy loss are thus past times.

Our infrared panels are quick and easy to assemble. The panels are provided with a plug that stops plug and play in the socket. In addition, you have the option to completely connect the panel to your interior. The cloth tension can be printed in any desired print. This applies both to our stand-alone and wall models.