A hallway or hallway is a difficult space for heating. Often it is connected to a stairwell or outside door. Through the outside door, cold air enters and the heat rises through the staircase just back up. The old-fashioned radiators that are still seen in halls and hallways, heat the air in space. When opening an outside door, this warm air is replaced immediately by the cold air from outside. In this way, heating has little effect.

Infrared heating does not heat the air but objects in space. They absorb this heat which they emit again. Suppose cold air enters the outside door, then the temperature will quickly be pleasant because the objects continue to emit heat. With a central heating system, this is not the case because the thermostat usually hangs in the living room and breaks when the set temperature is reached. In case of sudden temperature drops, the installation can not react, leaving it not warm enough in the hall.

There is another last advantage. The HeatFun panels also take up little space and only need a power point, allowing them to be attached to any location.