Infrared heating has many advantages. For example, it is possible to heat up a highly targeted infrared and create a place that is tailored to the individual’s need. Due to the fact that surfaces and persons are heated, instead of air, you prevent dry air and dust circulation. A great health benefit and extra fun for people with allergies or airway problems. In addition, infrared warms very naturally, like the sun. As soon as this shines, the heat is immediately felt, even if the air is not hot. The same goes for infrared. No dry air, but hot surfaces that radiate this heat.

In addition, HeatFun’s infrared heater is very energy efficient. You only have to heat there where there is a need. It is no longer necessary to heat the entire room when only part of the space is in use. HeatFun heats immediately when you plug the plug into the socket. So it’s no longer necessary to heat or heat longer than you make use of.

Interchangeable textile covers over your infrared heating

Our infrared panels can all be fitted with a practical and attractive cloth strain. These covers are available in any color or print (also custom design) and are also very easy to remove and water repellent, making it suitable for any room.

The benefits of a HeatFun cloth tension:

Interchangeable options and any imprint is possible.
High-quality look of your heating panel.
Acoustic damping properties.
Reduction of fright contact moment.
Make your heating a distinctive artwork in your interior and / or workplace!

Infrared heater customized

HeatFun is the specialist in infrared heating. We adapt our product to your space and wishes. Whichever size or shape you wish, we would like to think with you. You will find several infrared heating systems that can be used effectively at home or in your workplace. The systems are easy to use and very mobile. If you work in several places regularly, you can simply move and turn on the personal heating. Plugging in is enough to use the heater at any (work) place.

Combine with LED lighting and acoustics

HeatFun heating panels can be combined with solutions for LED lighting and acoustics. Wondering how to combine this? You will read more about LED lighting and acoustics here. If you would like to know more about it, feel free to contact us for advice.

The advantages of infrared heating in a row:

No dry air or dust circulation.
Sustainable heating.
Targeted and fast heating.
From standard sizes to custom made.
Own unique design possible.
Unique combination with LED lighting and acoustics.

Curious about what HeatFun has for you? Contact us for any customized custom advice.