What was the customer’s problem / question?

The measuring room is a conditioned room (eg air conditioning). This space is conditioned to not affect precision measurements. Employees have indicated that they have a cold period and want a solution that does not heat the entire room, but only where the need is.

What is the delivered solution of HeatFun?

Due to the conditioned room, there was mostly cold on the hands, arms, shoulders and neck. We have recommended to use our HeatFun Comfort Panel above the desks.

Response to the result

The infrared heating above the workplaces is experienced as pleasant. Because we work in a measuring room that is conditioned (eg air conditioning). The HeatFun’s comfort panel ensures that the temperature in the room is not affected extensively, but only by the infrared radiation, it warms the body. In this way we do not have the cooling down of the body due to the air conditioning operation (ride) in our room. You can see it as a reheating that is very pleasant, but it does not take the full cold / trip away in space, but really where it is needed. It is also practical that the infrared heater is equipped with LED lighting!
Frits Vrielink, Pillen Precision