What was the customer’s problem / question?

ABC Zorgcomfort
As a care organization (ABC Zorgcomfort) we are located in one of our residential care locations in Tolkamer. On the Rijnkade is a beautiful residential complex where clients live independently of us in beautiful apartments and receive care from our organization. There is a common room in the complex and there is a two-story tower.

On the first floor of the tower there is an office space and on the second there is a consultation room. The tower is high on the building, with 8 windows and next to the beautiful view, we also enjoy all weather conditions. We experience that the central underfloor heating is insufficient in the turret. The temperature control in the central room can not be controlled separately from the temperature in the turret. In addition, it is also not necessary that the rooms in the turret are permanently heated because they are not always occupied. However, there is a need to use the space, but the daytime temperature does not exceed 14 degrees during the winter months. Additional elements include the loss of heat and acoustics on the second floor of the tower. The ceiling is plm. 5.5m high in one point

Together with Vrylev’s living foundation, they have looked at the most practical and aesthetic solution.

Woonstichting Vryleve
Originally, the two floors of the torrent were “unnamed” spaces (similar to attic space), which implies minimal requirements for these spaces. ABC Zorgcomfort is now using the rooms for office / meeting rooms that make other demands on space, mainly heating was insufficient for a living space. From the user, the present rhymes were also experienced as a nuisance, and the basic lighting of the space was missing by the tip of the tower. ABC Zorgcomfort was looking for a solution to a problem, through demand-driven action, Frelevaard has done tailor-made to think with the customer.

What is the delivered solution of HeatFun?

ABC Zorgcomfort
Pillen Products has submitted two solutions. For the office on the first floor there is a standard heating panel with lighting. In combination with a remote control, the light and the panel can be operated separately. For the consultation room on the second floor, a 8-sided ceiling is custom-made and incorporates lighting elements and heating elements. The fabric cloth is expanded with additional material to enhance acoustics and dampen the hollow sound. The panel is so suspended that the heating elements can do their job to those who are at the table. The size of the panel and the height makes it the unique element of the tower, but the comfort is greatly improved.

Woonstichting Vryleve
Pillen Products has customized a composite element that incorporates all the wishes of the customer. The design of this composite element emphasizes the characteristic octagonal shape of the roof and the panel incorporates heating (infrared), lighting (LED) and sound absorption (banner and acoustic insulation).

Response to the result

The first floor panel is for those who are at work. Targeted lighting and heating. The ambient temperature is fine, but we notice that for a bit longer consultation it may be a bit cold for the conversation partner because it can not benefit from the heating panel. For the consultation room in the tower we are very content with the solution. The person at the table has enough heat. And the acoustics are a bit improved over earlier.
Pedro Canters, ABC Zorgcomfort
The first response we received from ABC Zorgcomfort is extremely positive. In the Welcome Home (our renters magazine) of June 2016 we will pay close attention to infrared heating in general and the first experiences (after the first winter period) at the tower room.
Jeroen Mulders, Woonstichting Vryleve
Verwarming van torenkamer.