Every workplace environment is different and needs a different approach in terms of individual additional heating. The specials and freeform shapes offer endless possibilities. We can produce almost every form and size regarding ceiling heating as well as wall heating. What do you think of a complete wall heating? You can choose from any colour, amount of infra-red elements and the extent of light.

Individual design

Would you like to add colour and design to your workplace environment? The textile cloth with which all the HeatFun products are stretched over, is suitable for the reflection of corporate identity elements like logos or company colours. This way you can express who you are.

More advantages

The textile covers are not only developed to add a personal design. At first it transfers the infra-red heating softly and evenly divided. Secondly, the textile cloth has a sound-muffling effect. This makes the room sound less hollow. Finally, the textile cloth gives the infra-red heating a luxurious appearance. Would you like to heat your workplace environment functional and healthy, but also give it a personal design? Discover the several advantages of HeatFun infra-red heating.

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